Your ideas for saving the ocean


We asked our Twitter fans on @missionblue to share their ideas for saving the ocean. Here’s a sampling of what they replied:

@galapa_gal: Placing GPS units on all registered vessels like they are doing now in Galapagos good idea however pirates still fish

@oceanuni: fund research in healthcare to reduce amount of plastics/ improve disposal/ reduce biohazards

@davidwsaunders: quit serving straws in all those drinks you get at the bars and restaurants.

@selinjessa: get the word out, and touch people through film, stories, art, etc.

@oceansolutions: recycle wastewater and capture more urban runoff.

@oceanuni: up-cycle military drones/ UAVs for Ocean health monitoring with offshore landing/ data relay pads.

@leighleighsf: What about an adoption program? Can people adopt a portion of a hope spot/fundraise/create awareness?

@teamsharkwater: Lead, Follow or step aside. Together we can stop shark finning and save humanity!

@galapa_gal: Scholarships for Galapagos students so they can study abroad with a commitment to return and apply their knowledge in the isles

What are your ideas? Post in the comments here, or join the conversation on Twitter!