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Join a conversation: How can we build our cities on a foundation of social justice?

Posted By Tedstaff

Over on TED Conversations, we’re exploring a question from George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation. He asks: “How can we build cities that are sustainable, inclusive and truly just?” He writes: The fact is more than half the world’s people now call cities home. All of the world’s population growth over the next four decades—some […]


New: TEDWeekends on Huffington Post, a place to explore ideas

Posted By Emily McManus

Imagine a book club for TED Talks … and you’ll know why we’re excited to launch TEDWeekends, a new way to explore ideas on the Huffington Post. Each weekend, we’ll take one great TED Talk and surround it with a range of reactions. Look for essays from the speakers themselves, Huffington Post bloggers — and […]


“Is the internet, not formal education, the great equalizer?” Join this TED Conversation

Posted By Nafissa

It’s a big question:  “Is the internet, not formal education, the great equalizer?” — and it’s been generating lively discussions in our TED Conversations community. If you’ve been thinking about this too, sign in to and join the debate; it’s on for another 24 hours. Responses range from : “The internet is a powerful […]