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6 talks to watch for Book Lovers Day6 talks to watch for Book Lovers Day

Posted By Nia Ashley

The Book. Few things are as universal, as ubiquitous and as transformative. On this Book Lovers Day, we’ve compiled talks that examine all the facets that make books great. Do you judge a book by its cover, like Chip Kidd, or get absorbed into a compelling narrative like Andrew Stanton? Were you taken to new […]


Chip Kidd designs a laugh-out-loud MetroCardChip Kidd designs a laugh-out-loud MetroCard

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York is strained for cash. And so they announced last week that they would be offering advertising space on the back of MetroCards, which New Yorkers swipe (often, multiple times) to enter a train station. It’ll cost companies $25,500 to advertise on 50K cards and $450K to advertise on […]


Graphic notes on Chip Kidd … and moreGraphic notes on Chip Kidd … and more

Posted By TED Guest Author

Tricia Walker shares a snapshot of this sketchbook page inspired by Chip Kidd’s TEDTalk: Check out more graphic note-taking from TED and TEDx events on our Pinterest board “Speak Now” — and if you’ve got your own great notes from watching a TEDTalk, share them in the comments below!


Creating visual haikus for stories: Chip Kidd at TED2012Creating visual haikus for stories: Chip Kidd at TED2012

Posted By Helen Walters

Photo: James Duncan Davidson In Reid Hoffman, we’ve already welcomed the start-up whisperer. Now here’s the “book whisperer”, or, as Chip Kidd describes himself, he’s a “book designer, page turner, dog eared place holder, notes in the margins taker, ink sniffer.” And with a wiggle of his hips, Kidd’s off to tell us about devoting 25 years of […]