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Final day to vote for TED.com to win some Webbies

Posted By Tedstaff

It’s the final day to vote for TED.com and Pangea Day in the Webby People’s Voice Awards. TED has been nominated in 3 categories for 2009. TED.com is in the running for Best Use of Video or Moving Image and Podcasts. And a 2008 TED Prize project, Pangea Day, is nominated in the Movie and […]


TED nominated for 3 Webby Awards!

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

The Webbies are here again and TED has been nominated in 3 categories for 2009. TED.com is in the running for Best Use of Video or Moving Image and Podcasts. The third nomination is for Pangea Day in the Movie and Film category. Pangea Day is the progeny of TED Prize and Razorfish Inc., maintaining […]


To watch today: The Anthem Project

Posted By Tedstaff

It’s Inauguration Day in the US — and a great day to revisit the Anthem Project from Pangea Day. In these wonderful videos, choirs from one country sing the national anthem of another, with surprisingly powerful effects. Below, watch a choir from the US sing the national anthem of Mexico: Browse the Anthems playlist on […]


The psychology of forgiveness

Posted By Tedstaff

The TED.com staff’s favorite psychology research blog, the BPS Research Digest, reports on a study on forgiveness from the University of Sussex and the New School for Social Research. The study examines how groups which have committed atrocious acts against one another come to break the cycle of resentment and forgive. [The researchers] surveyed 180 […]


Rokia Traore sings "Kounandi" on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Singer-songwriter Rokia Traoré performs “Kounandi,” a breathtaking song that blends Malian instruments with a modern, heartfelt vocal. Please note: This song is not available for download. (Recorded June 2007 in Arusha, Tanzania. Duration: 6:26.) Watch Rokia Traore’s talk on TED.com, where you can rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances. Get […]


More pics from Pangea Day

Posted By Tedstaff

The audience in Cairo: Audience at Mumbai: From the audience in LA taking a picture: Photo: Marla Aufmuth Hypernova performing in LA: Photo: Marla Aufmuth Jonathan Harris in L.A.: Photo: Marla Aufmuth Audience in L.A.: A crowd shot at Rio: Rokia Traore performing in London: The crowd outside Somerset House, London: The crowd in Kigali […]


How to throw a Pangea Day party — in Shanghai

Posted By Tedstaff

Panthea Lee and Dan Shemie write from Shanghai: So after weeks of plotting, scheming and ceaseless fretting, our Friends of Pangea Day event in Shanghai has gone off without a hitch. For those unfamiliar with the situation, a brief explanation: the Chinese government has launched a serious crackdown on cultural events in the lead-up to […]


Pangea Day is now!

Posted By Tedstaff

We’re one hour into the four-hour broadcast of Pangea Day. Follow the show live on PangeaDay.org — and follow the action on the hopping Pangea Day Blog below the video window, with live updates and commenting! Photo: Marla Aufmuth


1 hour to Pangea Day!

Posted By Tedstaff

It’s less than an hour until Pangea Day, the global celebration of the power of film to unite the world. Right now, here in LA, the stage is quiet (above) — but at 18:00 GMT this stage and five others around the world will be full of people and music and amazing films. Watch it […]


Pangea Day: 5 films win grants from Participant Productions

Posted By Tedstaff

(Above: Scenes from the filmmakers’ reception Thursday night in Los Angeles. We were asked: “Raise your hand if you came from outside the United States to be here.”) Last night in Los Angeles, Participant Productions honored 5 films from around the world by giving their filmmakers $5,000 grants. The grants are awarded by Participant, makers […]


Who's blogging from Pangea Day?

Posted By Tedstaff

(Above: a scene from Thursday’s tech rehearsal on the Pangea Day set) UPDATED: You can follow news from Pangea Day on the Pangea Day Blog — and get updates from bloggers at screenings and viewing parties around the world. If you’re going to be blogging Pangea Day as well, write to us with the subject […]


Pangea Day bloggers touch down in Mumbai, Rio, LA

Posted By Tedstaff

Pangea Day bloggers are on the ground at the 6 live broadcast locations around the world, and reports are starting to come in. Reporting from Rio de Janeiro, Saralena and Claire write, We just touched down after an overnight journey from New York City — and are completely struck by the beauty of the city. […]


Italy plays Tibet: A fan video from Pangea Day Milano

Posted By Tedstaff

It’s only a week now until Pangea Day — the worldwide festival of film, ideas and music, happening simultaneously around the globe on May 10. Thousands of locally hosted events worldwide will share the program, and if you’re in Milan, you’re invited to join the local viewing party hosted by Pangea Day Milano — see […]


Two weeks until Pangea Day!

Posted By Tedstaff

On Saturday, May 10, 2008 -– Pangea Day -– join the world for four hours of amazing short films, visionary speakers and great music. Pangea Day is a celebration of the power of film to unite us all. You’ll see films that are funny — sad — gorgeous — stark — powerful. Voices that have […]


Pangea Day: film as passport, translator, olive branch

Posted By Tedstaff

Can film erase borders? The people of Japan, Australia, Kenya and France sing the national anthems of Turkey, Lebanon, India and the United States in the latest sampling of inspiring — if subversive — videos released by Pangea Day. The series was produced by creative agency Johannes Leonardo. Could this provoke peace? Watch Kenya sing […]