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The why and how of effective altruism: Peter Singer’s talk visualizedThe why and how of effective altruism: Peter Singer’s talk visualized

Posted By Helen Walters

If you’re lucky enough to live without want, it’s a natural impulse to want to try and help others. But what’s the most effective way to give? This was the question philosopher Peter Singer asked in his 2013 TED Talk, given in Long Beach, California, and he shared some surprising thought experiments to help balance emotion […]


Effective altruism: Peter Singer at TED2013Effective altruism: Peter Singer at TED2013

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Moral philosopher Peter Singer starts the last session of TED2013, “A Ripple Effect?” with a shocking video of a 2-year-old girl in China who was hit by a van — and then a second van — and ignored by passers-by as she lay dying in an alley. He asks of the audience: Would you have […]


A Ripple Effect: Speakers in Session 12 of TED2013A Ripple Effect: Speakers in Session 12 of TED2013

Posted By Morton Bast

TED2013 has come to an end. Here, the final session — about the doers and givers who never stop spreading their ideas. In session 12, these speakers shared their bold words and even bolder actions. And it all built to a riveting finale. Here, the speakers who appeared in this session. Click on their name […]


Pakistan, Afghanistan and Battlestar Galactica: An exclusive interview with P.W. Singer on the future of war

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

On Friday, March 27, just as a surge of new deployments was being announced for Afghanistan, the TED Blog talked with military analyst P.W. Singer. Posted today, his TEDTalk discusses the use of robots in modern combat zones. In this interview, he applies his intensive knowledge of robotics and war to the situations the U.S. […]


Military robots and the terrifying future of war: P.W. Singer on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

In this powerful talk, P.W. Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of human combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction — that now may not be so fictitious. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 16:06.) Watch P.W. Singer’s talk from […]


Twitter Snapshot: P.W. Singer on robots of war

Posted By Tedstaff

Chris Anderson managed to sum up the mood at TED2009, and on Twitter, when he described P.W. Singer’s presentation on robots and war as “a bit frightening.” Here are some of your thoughts, as tweeted in recent minutes: Scary presentation. Democratization of technologies of warfare will be accessible to all, fallacy to think only nation […]