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4 reasons to attend a TEDxChange event near you

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TEDxChange Brisbane - September 2010

TEDxChange Brisbane: September 21, 2010, Brisbane Powerhouse. Photo: TEDxBrisbane / Mark Lobo

TEDxChange, convened by Melinda Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, will focus on “Big Picture” thinking around our most complex problems — and their solutions.

Around the world, nearly 200 events from 66 countries will watch the livestream together. We asked some of the TEDxChange event organizers to complete the sentence, “The reason you should attend my event is…” in seven words or less. Here are their answers:

The reason you should attend my event is:

“To change the world … and drinks & snacks.” Patricia, TEDxSKEChange, Lebanon >>

“To close your mouth, open your soul and listen without prejudice.” Giorgio, TEDxDubaiChange, United Arab Emirates >>

“To be the change!” Elena, TEDxChisinauChange, Moldova >>

“Much better together in Madrid than alone!” Antonella, TEDxMadridChange, Spain >>

There are:

57 events in North America
43 events in Europe
31 events in Asia
26 events in South America
11 events in the Middle East
10 events in Africa

On April 5, TEDxChange will be livestreamed from Berlin at 5:30 P.M. CEST on and Find an event near you.