PopMech's 2007 Breakthrough Awards

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Some familiar TED faces and themes turn up in Popular Mechanics2007 Breakthrough Awards, published in the magazine’s November issue. Jeff Han‘s multitouch wall (watch his 2006 TEDTalk) and Hod Lipson‘s print-anything printer (related to his work on robots) are named as two of the awards’ “8 Bold Ideas” for 2007.

If you were moved and inspired by Amy Smith’s TEDTalk on her developing-world technologies, check out PopMech‘s profile of the like-minded Ashok Gadgil and Christina Galitsky and the cookstove they developed for use in Darfur, or 2006 winner Jock Brandis and his portable peanut sheller. If Dean Kamen’s robotic prosthetic arm TEDTalk interested you, dive into the video report on Johns Hopkins’ project. It’s a fascinating, well-reported awards package.