Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

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  • blue bay commented on Feb 29 2012

    OMG! I’m stoked! I can’t wait. Okay, I’m cool if Ripley isn’t on this one … for now.

  • Valery Latyshev commented on Feb 29 2012

    Great stuff! Kudos to Ridley Scott!

  • Mateusz Jaszak commented on Feb 29 2012

    By a science and technology become full of haughtiness. That’s my opinion.

  • Krisztian Stancz commented on Feb 29 2012

    Wearing a tie on TED? He did change the world… ;-)

  • Ricardo Zilleruelo commented on Feb 29 2012

    Great! give us some more ;)

  • Ringo Englewood commented on Feb 29 2012

    I used to work for this fucking Company back in ’79. Never again, never again…

  • Marcel Cowan commented on Feb 29 2012

    Isn’t the company in Aliens Weyland-Yutani? When did the merger happen and where is the Yutani Ted talk… ;-)

  • Jimmy Gilmore commented on Feb 29 2012

    Great product placement for Ridley but feels more like a send up more than an homage.

  • Kevin Russell commented on Feb 29 2012

    I am become God destroyer of worlds…

  • david baker commented on Feb 29 2012


    We don’t all need to be spoon fed! Of course its a marketing viral video for the movie. You serious dude! lol!

  • tom gavin commented on Feb 29 2012

    Really looking forward to this film. Great bit of acting from Guy as usual, just wish they’d filmed him in front of a live crowd and not a green screen!

  • soheila Jafari commented on Feb 29 2012

    we are changing the world; no need to wait for future

  • Benjamin Peterson commented on Feb 29 2012

    We all saw what happened to Dr. Tyrell’s creations. I do not trust this man, Weyland.

  • Meemzo commented on Feb 29 2012

    Veryyyy powerful

  • MovieGeek commented on Feb 29 2012

    I am sooooo looking forward to this one!!

  • Carl Youngblood commented on Feb 29 2012

    This trailer is so non-TED it’s really an insult to their mission. And as far as the date is concerned, I think convincing androids will probably happen next decade, so I don’t think he’s off there. Check out what’s happening in Japan already.

  • oneboxfull commented on Feb 29 2012

    I share Ivan’s perspective. I’m at TED this week and when I saw this video at the event this morning, it left me with a very weird feeling.

    It puts perspective to Chris’s quote around some of the talks: “have we created the fire that lights the world or burns it down?”


  • sebsonconferences commented on Feb 29 2012

    Fit tes’s propaganda angle very well ;) I can see ted being there in 2023.

  • Adam Lerner commented on Feb 29 2012

    I find the idea that 11 years from now TED will remain a format of one to the many farcical. The format will be radically transformed within five years, much less ten. Just look at what the creator of TED, Richard Saul Wurman, is doing with the http://WWW.WWW conference in September 2012.

  • Josh Hayden commented on Feb 28 2012

    Wasn’t Peter Weyland like in his 60’s in Alien vs. Predator which was based in the year 2004. So the date doesn’t really make sense, unless Ridley Scott is ditching Alien vs. Predator plots.

    • Thomas Conway commented on Feb 29 2012

      Lance Henriksen played Charles Bishop Weyland in Aliens Vs Predator. This could be a Grandson or Great Son in this video. Also it’s been hinted that Ridley Scott doesn’t consider the AVP movies Canon.

    • David Dorton commented on Feb 29 2012

      I think it’s safe to say Ridley Scott doesn’t care what happened in AVP, including the Weyland and Yutani references. I would guess AVP will end up being incompatible with the continuity of Prometheus, but that’s just a prediction.

    • Zachary Selter commented on Feb 29 2012

      I’ve also read somewhere — though I can’t find it now and don’t really know if it’s canon to begin with — that Weyland had his mind downloaded into a computer and then uploaded into various androids. The idea being that it has been the same person (or at least the same mind) in every movie. Which could tie-in to the About This Talk above where it mentions a ‘three-year media blackout’ but that is, of course, speculation.