Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

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  • Michael Robinson commented on Mar 2 2012

    Great way to lead into the movie and to get a glimpse into the mind of the man behind the fabled company

  • steve green commented on Mar 1 2012

    Its 2023 and the whats left of the USA conservatives and the catholic church hate this man

  • justin long commented on Mar 1 2012

    this could of easily been called a blade runner prequel with a little screen write editing

  • justin long commented on Mar 1 2012

    Wonder what Weyland means when he says “3 months into the year of our lord, 2023” ? And i suppose the character Charles Weyland is written out. Guy Pearce performance is mesmerizing.

  • Eric Logan commented on Mar 1 2012

    So, where is the TED talk about how to rid the world of real megalomaniacs like this?

    The world doesn’t need any more viral marketing and it appears that TED has become superfluous edu-tainment.

    This time next year we’ll be undoubtedly be watching impoverished Kenyan neurologists talk about helping their village by screening “The Hangover 3”.

    We’re doomed.

  • Rob Rymill commented on Mar 1 2012

    This is awesome, so believable in an Iain M Banks Culture kinda way – you want to believe

  • Yutani Corporation commented on Mar 1 2012

    Eloquent and powerful. As to be expected by one of the world’s greatest visionaries.

  • James Moriarty commented on Mar 1 2012

    I’m very much looking forward to this… especially now I know will still be used in 11 years time!

  • simone righini commented on Mar 1 2012

    bladerunner’s prequel?

  • Ann Kittenplan commented on Mar 1 2012

    Did anybody else think this was going to end with him revealing himself to be an android? Missed opportunity :-)

  • shashank tripathi commented on Mar 1 2012

    Thos idea is the reason 2012 is the last year, we know nothing about universe we can never be god

  • JOHN LANAHAN commented on Mar 1 2012

    Ridley Scott loves to start off with a character claiming a pinnacle of perfection has been reached, as obvious some perverse distortion of the natural order (such a Blade Runner) or foreshadowing some horrible catastrophe to follow (such a Gladiator). Here we’ve got both.

  • Robare Novou commented on Feb 29 2012

    I’ve Been Told, When Man Plays God…Bad Things Happen!

  • Justin Boulanger commented on Feb 29 2012

    He’s probably talking about the 120 A/2 Android, like Ash

  • lee bryant commented on Feb 29 2012

    Well i’m an Englishmen and people are saying its way to ott well i can tell you after 10 years of Tony Blair and now David Cameron speeches and all the suckers that hoover that crap up this is a mild statement in Comparison. and most corporate speak from american politicians is no better so for me its totally realistic.

  • Jose Alfonso Villalobos commented on Feb 29 2012

    I don’t suppose they have anymore speech from this year? I’d like to know what to invest in. ;-)

  • Łukasz Wardziński commented on Feb 29 2012

  • craig williams commented on Feb 29 2012

    This Weyland is more evil then the last person that played him Lance hickerson, I think that this man can’t be trusted, but he gives us some clues to his attentions. Just watch it again and listen on how he talks.

  • Steven Masa commented on Feb 29 2012

    That was really, really tedious. I actually wondered if it was really done by Michael Bay and not Ridley Scott, and then started to number the resemblances to the absurd unrealistic lecture scenes in movies (like in Bay’s Transformers II).

    I am a little biased: I got excited with the reference to T. E. Lawrence, but confused by the words to follow. Lawrence wasn’t an Englishman. He was either Welsh or Irish. I have stood in the bathroom stall that now stands where T.E. Lawrence slept in his crib–in Wales. After a minute of that drivel, I began to wonder whether I peed in the toilet in what was once T. E. Lawrence’s bedroom, which seemed in the spirit of Lawrence. “Eureka, the lightbulb” brought me out of my reverie. “Did Edison discover the density of a filament in a bathtub?”, I found myself wondering.

    The only redeeming value were the final words: the character’s name and his company. I am skeptical. I loved Gladiator. Not sure if Scott has kept his edge since Alien and Blade Runner. Should I go see this film simply because it might be a prequel?

    • Dameion Alston commented on Feb 29 2012

      Lawrence was Welsh by nationality, but his parents moved to Oxford when he was 8. Later he served in the British Army in Arbia, which prompted the speakers comment that Lawrence was “abominably of arabia but very much an englishman”. In citizenship, in service, in spirit, he was.

    • Mike Keller commented on Feb 29 2012

      I found the speech riveting! This is the mysterious Weyland front and center. Nice touch to promote the movie.

      The short piece was directed by Ridley Scott,s son… Luke Scott.