Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

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  • Robby Mason commented on Mar 24 2012

    Too bad there wasn’t a more direct reference to some of Cecil Rhodes’ quotes such as annexing the planets or easily obtaining raw materials by exploiting cheap (i.e.- slave) labor. The former could relate directly to Weyland’s ambition (avarice?), and the latter could lend itself well to the irony of an exomorphic species utilizing *human* as a combination of cheap labor and raw materials. :-)

  • joel bielawski commented on Mar 23 2012

    Is Peter a human or evolved humanoid robot??………………….hhhhmmmmmm

  • jim bates commented on Mar 23 2012

    Next… Demonstrate..Why?

  • Vincent Butaya commented on Mar 21 2012

    great act!

  • 6minuteass commented on Mar 19 2012


  • Rob Davies commented on Mar 19 2012


  • R2PH 2N1Q commented on Mar 18 2012

    Question :
    Whenever you’re playing god’s role, Mr Weyland…
    What or who is playing the devil’s one ?

  • Aleks Dorohovich commented on Mar 17 2012

    Can’t stop, whatching over and over. Solid and very strong fiction talk.

  • Vagner Pagotti commented on Mar 9 2012

    Not round red carpet. Very egocentric gummy guy.
    It is not TED. Perhaps a 2023 Super Bowl adverts

  • Kirk Gornall commented on Mar 8 2012

    This talk is not in the movie. I wish it was as it is a great. It is just part of the [viral] promotion for the movie. Guy Pearce will only be in the movie for about a minute. In the talk he indicates that they are three months into the year 2023. However the Weyland Industries website indicates that this speech was given on Feb 27th 2023.

  • thechelseachiefs commented on Mar 5 2012

    will this be in the movie as well, or is this just a promo teaser that is considered canon?

  • Emilio Torres García commented on Mar 3 2012

    Interesting. He is trying to sell the general population the idea of artificial beings by appealing to humanity’s collective ego.

  • Edit Rite commented on Mar 3 2012

    how reptilian. the anti-steve jobs

  • Youngjin Ahn commented on Mar 3 2012


  • Matti Jääaro commented on Mar 2 2012

    I have to say though, when they showed this one at TED it did not have a title and you had no idea what it was going to be about. That made the experience awesome, if you’re gonna show this to a friend, just start it up without telling them what the plot is :-) This movie might suck ass, I don’t care, it’s still a perfect trailer.

  • Nick Chandra commented on Mar 2 2012

    Nicely done. I love how this was all presented. Looking ever-so-forward to the film.

  • Irina Flowers commented on Mar 2 2012

    Humanity had always had selected few to drive the vehicle of progress forward. The rest performed the tasks of breathing, multiplying and serving those in power.

  • justin hills commented on Mar 2 2012


  • George Johnson commented on Mar 2 2012

    That was rather good, especially the chilling sign off line. Those who consider themselves so jaded as to find this boring, do stop being so po-faced and shut up! It’s only a little bit of fun, lighten up a little.

  • Carl Malthouse commented on Mar 2 2012

    Check the source of the website it has a full bio of Peter Weyland in there.