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Twitter Snapshot: Andrea Ghez: Spying on supermassive black holes

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Astronomer and astrophysicist Andrea Ghez captivated the TEDGlobal 2009 crowd with an up-close look at the style and substance of the peculiar space phenomenon known as a black hole. At UCLA, she’s working on imaging techniques that will bring these mysterious objects into better focus than ever before. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

you’ve to check out Andrea Ghez – a stargazing detective. Smart, witty and a famous astronomer. She rocks! PS: am to shy to take a pic — danielahinrichs

Andrea Ghez: “Your job today is to be skeptical.” — brainpicker

Andrea Ghez: All galaxies might harbor super, massive blackhole at their center. — tedtochina

Atmosphere makes it tough for large telescopes to see astronomical detail, the way a moving stream obscures a clear view of pebble. — ruthannharnisch

Astronomer Andrea Ghez actually has a favorite star in solar system, based on the speed of its travels, increasing her chances to see. — ruthannharnisch