Welcome, TEDsters

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Bowing to extraordinary public pressure, we are pleased to unveil the new TEDBLOG … a little taste of ongoing TEDness for those who feel that once a year just isn’t enough.

The plan is to add a few items every week…  to titillate, intrigue and delight.  Matters scientific, techie, creative, entertaining and… well, anything that we think might be of interest to you, our TED friends.

And, of course, we’re counting on you to join in the fun — in two ways:

  • by pointing us to the good stuff each day. If it’s out there, someone from TED will know about it soon enough. Please email my colleague June Cohen, who has been the driving force behind the blog. Use this address  blog@ted.com 
  • by adding your comments to posts.

If you have your own blog, please also send the link to  blog@ted.com and we’ll monitor it for items to include…

All feedback welcome. No doubt we’ll be on a learning curve for a while, and the learning will happen best if you help. Over to you!

– Chris