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Spotted in Shanghai: This TED Talks bootleg DVD


In Shanghai, China, where it’s always night, directly across the street from a pirated DVD shop called Movie Star is another pirated DVD shop called Better Than Movie Star … and that’s where TED’s founding video director, Jason Wishnow, discovered this pirated DVD (which: sigh! but it’s too good not to share). It’s a bootleg []



Each year I donate a percentage of my income to Lightsaber Research and I encourage all my peers to do the same. A similarly futuristic technology, albeit one of marginally lesser interest to anyone with anger management issues, is the Jetpack. Today, a couple stories surfaced in the blogs and the papers about the unveiling []

TEDTalks is Hiring: Media Production Assistant


The TEDTalks Team is expanding and we’re approaching the TED Community first. We’re looking for a FULLTIME MEDIA PRODUCTION ASSISTANT skilled in the following areas: • Web & blog savvy: experienced with blogs and the web, able to troubleshoot HTML, update RSS feeds, manage and organize media assets. • Fluency/Familiarity with: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, []




Last week, Apple announced that its complete line of video iPods can finally handle Standard Definition (SD) television resolution of 640×480 pixels. We’re thrilled to announce the first batch of TEDTalks SD – four times the image size of regular TEDTalks – optimized for viewing on your computer – or playing back through your television. []


Tokyo is under attack!


At the University of Chicago, Professor Michael C. LaBarbera has prepared a comprehensive analysis of the Biology of B-Movie Monsters. In it, he discusses the brittleness of King Kong’s bone structure, how Mothra breathes, and who would really win in a battle between a tiny-tiny man and a tarantula. Read the article before placing your []