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The changing face of explorationThe changing face of exploration

Posted By David Lang

To explore is human. It’s as basic as cooking and bathing, and as essential as song and dance. It’s not something that needs a lengthy explanation — whether you’re 3 or 103, it’s the tingly feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach when you venture into unknown terrain. Across ages and cultures, there […]


TED Weekends imagines a crowdsourced futureTED Weekends imagines a crowdsourced future

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Most choirs require their members to have a great voice, enjoy wearing a robe and be available for rehearsals in the same location. This is not the case for composer Eric Whitacre. In his classic talk from TED2011, Whitacre explains how he came to lead a chorus of more than 2,000 singers located all around […]