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Forces of Change: A Q&A about a TEDGlobal session exploring world-shaping shifts emerging from Asia & AfricaForces of Change: A Q&A about a TEDGlobal session exploring world-shaping shifts emerging from Asia & Africa

Posted By Karen Eng

Only one thing is constant in the world — that things will continually change and evolve.  Session 9 of TEDGlobal 2013, called “Forces of Change,” will explore how, in recent years, much of the change happening in the world has originated in Africa or Asia. This session, which will be guest curated by TED Fellows Erik […]


Ushahidi: Tapping the human resource

Posted By Jenny Zurawell

Ushahidi’s new video explains how it crowdsources crisis information via text messaging and the web so citizens can easily access the latest reports (represented visually on GoogleMaps) and swiftly respond to crisis developments. Initially a quick fix scraped together in two days to track violence following Kenya’s 2008 election, the open source platform has evolved […]


Ushahidi wins $200K MacArthur grant

Posted By Emily McManus

Ushahidi — a crisis-tracking tool with roots in TEDGlobal 2007 — has been awarded a $200,000 grant for development from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The Ushahidi mapping tool was developed by Erik Hersman, Ory Okolloh and Juliana Rotich, who’d met as TED Fellows at the 2007 TEDGlobal conference in Arusha, Tanzania, […]


Q&A with TED Fellow Erik Hersman: When technology goes AfricanQ&A with TED Fellow Erik Hersman: When technology goes African

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

In his 2009 TEDTalk, techno-blogger Erik Hersman breaks down the framework of and uses for Ushahidi, a crisis reporting platform that emerged to help Kenyans avoid violence during riots after the 2008 elections. During this follow-up interview with the TEDBlog, he talks about his African ties, how the TED Fellows program has impacted him and […]


The week in comments

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

If we had to choose a theme for this week’s comments, it would be Interaction Now. Usually, the highlights are reserved for your one-off quips, but from the themes of the talks, to speakers commenting on their own TEDTalks, to lightning-fast replies on threads, it was all about talking it out. On Margaret Wertheim’s TEDTalk: […]