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Live from TED2014

In case you missed it: Day 2 at TED2014In case you missed it: Day 2 at TED2014

Posted By Helen Walters

So what went down at TED on day two? Well, a lot, as it happens. As curator Chris Anderson commented rather tiredly later, “that was the most intense day of TED I can remember, ever.” Here, a lightning round-up of some of the day’s key moments. Edward Snowden trundles onto stage The first big surprise […]

In Conversation

Nature knows best: A biologist and a designer take creative direction from the Earth’s operating systemNature knows best: A biologist and a designer take creative direction from the Earth’s operating system

Posted By Helen Walters

“Borrowing” as a concept is de rigeur in the creative industries and beyond. What’s that too-often quoted aphorism? “Good artists copy; great artists steal”? Plenty of people have trotted that out as justification for acts they want us to believe are far superior to and way different from plagiarism. In this nuanced conversation, biologist and […]


The week in comments

Posted By TED Guest Author

The reception for this past wave of talks from TED Global 2009 centers around the theme of accountability. People seemed especially moved by Emmanuel Jal’s music on his life as a war child and Michael Pritchard’s revolutionary water filter. We even got a TEDGlobal speaker sparking a discussion on one of these highlighted talks (in […]


Biomimicry in action: Janine Benyus on TED.com

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Janine Benyus has a message for inventors: When solving a design problem, look to nature first. There you’ll find inspired designs for making things waterproof, aerodynamic, solar-powered and more. Here she reveals dozens of new products that take their cue from nature with spectacular results. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009 in Oxford, UK. Duration: […]


Janine Benyus at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 4

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

This is Janine Benyus’ second appearance on a TED stage and for those who have seen her first talk, expectations are high. She is a science writer and innovator who fervently believes in the field of biomimicry. She begins her talk by painting a picture for us of her 7-year-old neighbor, a boy who spends […]


Twitter Snapshot: Janine Benyus observes how nature influences design

Posted By TED Guest Author

In her talk today, biomimicrist Janine Benyus made the case that we can learn a lot from nature. In keeping with this idea, here’s what TEDsters on Twitter learned from her: Janine benyus: Nature is a selfcoordinating genius with no top down commander.. — lucadebiase “Imagine designing spring” biomimicry expert Janine Banyus. “Whenever you want […]


Watch TEDTalks from speakers at the upcoming TEDGlobal 2009

Posted By Emily McManus

From TEDGlobal’s speaker list of more than 90 — including 18-minute talks, demos and TED U courses — 13 of our scheduled speakers already have TEDTalks online from previous TEDs and partners. To find them, check out our new theme, Speaking at TEDGlobal 2009, and watch archive gems from these returning speakers. All of these […]


4 great talks for International Women's Day

Posted By Emily McManus

To celebrate March 8, International Women’s Day, we suggest these four TEDTalks gems from some amazing speakers — artists, scientists and economists who think deeply about the role of women. Author and activist Isabel Allende discusses women, creativity, feminism — and the power of passionate thinkers and doers: The former Finance Minister of Nigeria, Ngozi […]


Bio-inspired body armor from a tough old fish

Posted By Emily McManus

Via LiveScience.com: Researchers at MIT have found valuable insight into body armor by studying the African fish Polypterus senegalus. A living fossil, the fish is largely unchanged since the Cretaceous period — when its ancestors faced an ocean full of large, toothy predators. In its defense, it developed a bite-resistant “armored” skin, whose scales are […]


Biomimicry in National Geographic and on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

This month’s National Geographic has a great story on biomimetics, or biomimicry, the art of studying nature’s engineering. If you’re inspired by this story, check out these TEDTalks for more on biomimicry. Clicking on a name (or an image above) will launch the TEDTalks player >> + Scientist Robert Full (whose work with geckos is […]


Janine Benyus on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

In this inspiring talk about recent developments in biomimicry, Janine Benyus provides heartening examples of ways in which nature is already influencing the products and systems we build.