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Phil Hansen gives the gift of TEDPhil Hansen gives the gift of TED

Posted By Tedstaff

Limitations, schimitations. At TED2013, Phil Hansen shared the story of how he thought his art career was over when he developed a severe hand tremor. Instead, by learning to “embrace the shake,” Hansen became a creative powerhouse, constantly coming up with new ways to transcend his limitation. And so we wondered: what if we asked […]


Gift idea: Make your own TED DVDGift idea: Make your own TED DVD

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In her talk from TED2013, Nilofer Merchant inspired many to try walking meetings rather than spend hour-upon-hour in a chair. Now, this business innovator has another idea that you might want to adopt: giving the gift of TED to people on your holiday shopping list. In a blog post this week, Merchant put together a […]


6 talks to watch this Moon Day6 talks to watch this Moon Day

Posted By Nia Ashley

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. Moon Day is held every July 20 to commemorate this momentous feat. 43 years later, humanity is still looking to the sky, mesmerized by lunar bodies. However, it is not just Earth’s moon we’re studying anymore. With better satellites and […]


3 ways to give the gift of TED this holiday season3 ways to give the gift of TED this holiday season

Posted By Tedstaff

When you’re in the giving mood, there are four different ways you can share TED: a membership to view two full TED Conferences with TED Live, a personally curated DVD of your favorite TED Talks, or simply a TED Talk that inspired you. With all of these options, you can definitely find at least one way to share a great idea with […]