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Questions you may have about Mary Lou Jepsen’s TED TalkQuestions you may have about Mary Lou Jepsen’s TED Talk

Posted By Tedstaff

Mary Lou Jepsen’s talk about the future of brain-reading devices was widely discussed at TED2013 and, after the conference, we received a few very specific technical and scientific questions from attendees who watched it live. Jepsen’s is the kind of talk that tests the limit of TED’s short-talk format — it’s full of technical information […]


Dream!: The speakers in Session 5 at TED2013Dream!: The speakers in Session 5 at TED2013

Posted By Ben Lillie

Before you can create a new world, you have to imagine new possibilities. The speakers in this session are the visionaries who propose that which couldn’t be seen before, and suggest new paths that not only haven’t been traveled yet — but haven’t been thought of. Here are the speakers in this session. Click their […]