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Why tall wooden buildings must be our future: a visual essay by Michael GreenWhy tall wooden buildings must be our future: a visual essay by Michael Green

Posted By Helen Walters

“Like snowflakes, no two pieces of wood can be the same anywhere on earth,” says architect Michael Green in today’s lyrical TED talk, “Why we should build wooden skyscrapers,” in which he lays out his thesis for designing and engineering the world’s tallest buildings from one of its oldest materials. “Mother Nature has fingerprints in […]


Skyscrapers of wood: Michael Green at TED2013Skyscrapers of wood: Michael Green at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Architect Michael Green presents an interesting riddle: why are buildings made of wood only a few stories high when trees found in nature are remarkable for their height? Speaking in session 7 of TED2013, Green shares his deep love of wood — which he first discovered from his grandfather, a woodworker who taught him to […]


Sustain!: The speakers in Session 7 at TED2013Sustain!: The speakers in Session 7 at TED2013

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

It’s no longer possible to ignore the effect humans have — on the environment, on each other and on the Internet. In that spirit, this session brings together people with big ideas on responsible design, creation, consumption and eating. From a renegade gardener to energy software maker, this session takes into mind that it’s not […]