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Sally Kohn’s talk, the “clean” versionSally Kohn’s talk, the “clean” version

Posted By Morton Bast

Sally Kohn had a point to make in her TED Talk. During her career as a progressive lesbian talking head at Fox News, she’d get letters from people who really, really didn’t like what she said, or objected to her very existence. To make this attitude crystal-clear, onstage at TED@NYC Kohn read out the kind […]


Sally Kohn talks leaving Fox NewsSally Kohn talks leaving Fox News

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

In today’s talk, pundit Sally Kohn shares what it’s like to be progressive, gay and … working for Fox News. The key: emotional correctness, when people look past their political differences and try to understand what the other is thinking on a human level. It’s a vision so powerful that her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, […]


The quirky talks of TED@NYCThe quirky talks of TED@NYC

Posted By Tedstaff

A ballet dancer turned soldier. A liberal lesbian pundit on Fox News. A quantum-physicist crossword puzzler. These were among the perspectives we heard at TED@NYC, a talent search event for TED2014 held last night in New York. Below, learn a little about the 28 speakers who took the stage. You’ll see some of these speakers […]


TED@NYC: TED’s talent search heads to ManhattanTED@NYC: TED’s talent search heads to Manhattan

Posted By Helen Walters

Remember TED Talks by Joshua Prager, John McWhorter, Sleepy Man Banjo Boys and Hannah Brencher? All fantastic finds from previous talent searches. Now, we’re running a similar event once again. Known as TED@NYC, the evening event will be held on October 8. It’s a chance to find fresh voices to ring out on the TED main stage and be heard on ted.com. […]


Unusual clocks and the TED2014 talent search event, TED@NYCUnusual clocks and the TED2014 talent search event, TED@NYC

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Designer Max Schmidt’s Breathing Clock is a fascinating object. It doesn’t have hands — rather it inflates and deflates to show the progression of time. Schmidt tells PSFK that it’s an homage to the idea that time is relative. This invention reminds us of Scott Thrift, who spoke at last year’s TED@NYC about his seasonal […]