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Responding to the petition to disinvite George Papandreou from TEDGlobal

Posted By Tedstaff

An online petition was posted early this past weekend, asking that “the TEDGlobal conference organizers remove George Papandreou from the speakers list.” Papandreou is the former prime minister of Greece. He was prime minister in 2009, when the euro crisis flared up. Under pressure from the markets and from Greek citizens protesting harsh austerity measures, he resigned […]


Continent by continent, TEDGlobal talksContinent by continent, TEDGlobal talks

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

TEDGlobal has been held in Oxford, England; Arusha, Tanzania; Mysore, India; and Edinburgh, Scotland — with speakers from a wide range of other countries. In other words, it’s a global affair. As we prepare for TEDGlobal 2013: “Think Again,” kicking off on June 10, we thought we’d take a closer look. Here, go around the […]

TEDGlobal 2010

E-voting without fraud: David Bismark on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

David Bismark demos a new system for voting that contains a simple, verifiable way to prevent fraud and miscounting — while keeping each person’s vote secret. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2010, July 2010 in Oxford, England. Duration: 7:03) Watch David Bismark’s talk on TED.com where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find […]

TEDGlobal 2010

Write a haiku, win a pass to TEDGlobal from WiredUK

Posted By Emily McManus

[Update: Deadline passed]: Write a haiku containing the phrase “smarter planet” and tweet it to @WiredUK — and you could win a pass to TEDGlobal 2010 next week! The contest is supported by IBM and WiredUK, and is open to UK residents only. The competition closes at Midday BST on Thursday 8 July, 2010. The […]


The intricate economics of terrorism: Loretta Napoleoni on TED.com

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Loretta Napoleoni details her rare opportunity to talk to the secretive Italian Red Brigades — an experience that sparked a lifelong interest in terrorism. She gives a behind-the-scenes look at its complex economics, revealing a surprising connection between money laundering and the US Patriot Act. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009, Oxford, England. Duration: 15:45) […]


Twitter Snapshot: Brother Paulus Terwitte asks, "Where are you?"

Posted By Matthew Trost

A Capuchin friar and a household name in Germany, Brother Paulus Terwitte looks at the possibility of a simple, contemplative spiritual life — in a world laden with distractions and complications. Is posting a Twitter Snapshot slightly … ironic? Twitter users meditated on this, and other questions: Google is the new forbidden apple.. Brother Terwitte.. […]


Twitter Snapshot: Itay Talgam conducts better leadership

Posted By Matthew Trost

Conductor-turned-business motivator Itay Talgam showed a collection of enlightening and amusing clips of famous conductors doing what it really is that they do best: lead. The process of drawing out beauty from a brigade of musicians is a powerful metaphor with real applications for anyone who manages people. Our prolific #TEDsters captured the best moments: […]


Twitter Snapshot: Dan Pink contests carrots and sticks

Posted By Matthew Trost

Dan Pink, former speechwriter for Al Gore, is now hoping to spark a right-brain revolution in business and management. The spark clearly caught on with several of Twitter’s most familiar #TEDsters. Pink on psychology research: “There’s a mismatch between what science knows and business does.” — brainpicker Pink: “Rewards by their very nature narrow our […]


Twitter Snapshot: Magnus Larsson has a wall to build

Posted By TED Guest Author

Magnus Larsson is an architect with a blueprint to build a wall across Africa. A wall made with bacillus pasteurii (microorganisms that create sandstone) to help provide shelter for individuals and curb the destruction of sandstorms. Support for this project was widespread from TEDsters on Twitter: Magnus Larsson wants to build a sand wall across […]


Twitter Snapshot: Bjarke Ingels thinks big

Posted By TED Guest Author

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, principal of BIG charmed the crowd at TED Global 2009 with his talk on his optimistic and innovative projects. He also showed his “Yes Is More” manifesto, a 130 meter long cartoon strip designed to encourage big thinking. Those on Twitter were super complementary of Ingels’ talk: Ingels: Denish architect with […]


Twitter Snapshot: Carolyn Steel asks how to feed a city

Posted By TED Guest Author

Carolyn Steel is a food urbanist, meaning she can explain what we all take for granted- our food and how it gets to us. In her talk today at TED Global 2009, she presented frightening stats about where food demand is headed in addition to gripping historical context about how the food chain has evolved. […]


Twitter Snapshot: Constanza Ceruti explores above and beyond

Posted By TED Guest Author

TED Fellow Constanza Ceruti provided a captivating look at her work as a high-altitude archaeologist. Her talk included breathtaking pictures of the Andean mountains and details of what she’s learned from mummies. The Twitter feedback proved fascinated: Ceruti lived inside the crater of an open volcano for over 3 weeks. WOW. — brainpicker Constanza Cerruti, […]


Twitter Snapshot: Eric Sanderson rediscovers "Mannahatta"

Posted By TED Guest Author

The last day of TEDGlobal 2009 kicked off with landscape biologist Eric Sanderson, who gave a thrilling look at the Mannahatta Project- a re-envisioning of Manhattan in its original, 17th-century glory. This Google Earth of ancient New York definitely wowed the TEDsters on Twitter: Eric Sanderson: Amazing how many water sources have disappeared from NYC […]


The future beckons. Meet it at TEDIndia.

Posted By Matthew Trost

Photo: Lakshmi Pratury speaks about the upcoming TEDIndia conference at TEDGlobal in 2009. Oxford, UK, July 21-24, 2009. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson TEDIndia director Lakshmi Pratury took the TEDGlobal 2009 stage to give a glimpse of what is on offer for the TEDIndia conference, which is only months away. The conference, whose theme […]


Twitter Snapshot: Karen Armstrong and the charter for compassion

Posted By TED Guest Author

Minutes ago, religious scholar Karen Armstrong, winner of a 2008 TED Prize, spoke about her wish, The Charter for Compassion, to the audience at TEDGlobal 2009. The Charter aims to bring the golden rule back into a global focus. Currently, religious leaders of many faiths are working together in crafting this document for peace, which […]